Omega 3 Index Test


For future mothers

Omega 3 Index Test

DHA is important for optimal infant visual and mental development both in utero and throughout infancy. Developing infants cannot produce DHA efficiently and must receive this vital nutrient from the mother through the placenta during pregnancy and in breast milk after birth. It is now known that women in the U.S. have a lower intake of fish than women in other developing countries. Low levels of Omega-3s are related to increased risk for fatal heart attack, depression, and possibly dementia. Encouraging informed consumption of DHA-rich seafood or supplements can be helpful for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as young children.

Your diet during pregnancy affects the amount of DHA your fetus receives as well as the amount that will be in your breast milk. You can measure your blood levels of EPA+DHA with the Omega-3 Index kit while you are still pregnant and then measure your breast milk DHA once you start breastfeeding.

Happy Vitals' Omega 3 Index Test kit is developed and tested by OmegaQuant. The kit only requires a single drop of blood to be sent to our laboratory. It uses "Dried Blood Spot" technology which is simple and easy to collect.

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