Toxin Test for Heavy Metals


For pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers

Toxin Test for Heavy Metals

This package of tests for Heavy Metal Toxins conveniently takes samples of you or your child's hair/nails and tests for the four most harmful metallic poisons. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and their children, are the most vulnerable to the damaging effects of heavy metal exposure. These negative effects on both fetus and breast-feeding child are enhanced when a mother's own toxin levels are elevated.

For mothers, high levels of heavy metal toxins, especially during pregnancy, can lead to fatal mortality, low birth weight, and an increased risk of cancers and gastrointestinal diseases in both mother and child at any life stage.

Combined, these toxin tests give families the knowledge they need to make lifestyle changes that reduce exposure to heavy metals, and limit the potential negative physical and cognitive effects of toxin exposure on a pregnant mother and baby.

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Included Tests

Arsenic is a toxic element that interferes with the proper functioning of many bodily systems, and has been linked with multi-system organ failure. It is found in certain water sources and often in foods such as rice.

Lead is a heavy metal found in a range of common household sources. It severely impairs cognition and intelligence, gastrointestinal and kidney function.

Mercury is a metal contaminant highly toxic to the brain, kidneys, lungs, and nervous system. It is found often in tuna and other steak fish varieties.

Cadmium is a metal that is extremely toxic to almost all systems of the human body and is known to cause cancer.