We are currently experiencing a significant delay for breast milk and toxin tests. We are in the process of acquiring additional testing equipment and resources to resume testing. We expect the process to take at least a few weeks. We will announce the expected resume date through our Facebook, Twitter, and our website as soon as we have a feasible date.

For the Omega 3 DHA test, it usually takes 1-2 business days to prepare the kit to be shipped from our warehouse. It may then take 3 to 5 business days to be delivered depending on the destination address. Once the kit has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email and the order status will change to 'Shipped' in the Orders page. Upon clicking the status, you will be directed to the carrier's website to see tracking information.

We are parents ourselves and we developed our home testing kit and instructions with your convenience in mind. We recruited breastfeeding moms in our initial product development and had them test their samples, using the same kit. It's simple. Just pump your breast milk, collect it into the provided vials, and store it in the freezer. Once you have collected all three vials, simply place them into the provided EPS cooler, and schedule a pickup from our carrier (using our scheduling pickup function on the website or through your mobile device). Detailed instructions will be included in the kit and will be provided on your order detail page.

Our breast milk test kit is specifically developed for transporting breast milk samples. Our kit is compliant with the latest DOT and IATA shipping regulations. The kit features all the components necessary for compliant packaging of the specimens, such as vials, shipping bags, absorbent materials, and other packaging with appropriate labeling for refrigerated and frozen diagnostic specimen shipping. We also use FedEx Express to ensure your sample gets delivered to our laboratory safely and securely in timely manner.

Once our laboratory receives your samples, it usually takes 3-5 business days to test them. (It may take a little longer depending on the package you have chosen.). Then, your result will be automatically uploaded to your account.

Your test results will be displayed in easy-to-understand graphs, and annotated with descriptions that use simple yet specific and detailed language. Your results will consist of three sections: Raw test result - the amount of each biomarker in each sample. Trend of each biomarker - visualization of your result (graphs) over time. A detailed explanation of what each biomarker means for child development and how to manage it to stay healthy.

Yes. You can print or email your result to anyone by using our "Share" feature on your test result page. We recommend customers share it with their health professionals to identify potential health risks, areas of improvement, and how.

The composition of breast milk changes over time by many variables. We recommend four times from birth to 12 months of your baby's age, beginning at month one, month four, month eight, and finally month 12. That way, you know exactly which nutrients and immunity you are passing down to your baby, so that you can change diet or lifestyle accordingly.

Our contracted laboratory, one of the largest groups of pathologists and clinical laboratory scientists in North America, is a medical diagnostic laboratory that offers a full range of laboratory services. Every year, more than two thousand physicians access our services to help diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients' health. Our laboratory serves over one million people each year and perform approximately 27 million tests annually. Our laboratory meets or exceeds the standards set for full accreditation by a number of organizations.

Yes. You are able to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan at any time before you ship your sample back to us. Please email us at support@happyvitals.com and we will be happy to make the change for you.

At this time, we do not accept insurance, and your purchase is not eligible for HSA coverage.

We take the protection of your information and data very seriously. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of information, we use a range of reasonable physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard your information, in accordance with current technological and industry standards. In particular, all connections to and from our website are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your health information will be protected with a two-way authentication process for access, either website or mobile. You can turn on or off this feature, but we recommend you to turn it on. We encourage you to read our full Privacy Policy.

We do not share individual-level data or survey responses with third parties without your consent. If you have given us consent to do so, we may include your data and survey responses, stripped of your personal information, in aggregated data that we publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals or as part of our Happy Children's Health Study. Aggregated data is data from multiple users that has been combined to minimize the possibility of exposing individual-level information.

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