Who We Are

Happy Vitals provides families with the tools they need to monitor and improve the long-term health of their children. With our simple and easy-to-use tests, mothers can learn for the first time about the nutrient make-up of their breast milk, improve their diet and nutrition, and safeguard against exposure to heavy metals and other toxins that are harmful to a child's growth and development.



Our mission is to help families optimize children's health, and to accelerate our understanding of children's health for future generations.



Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder

Eric is a father, public health scientist and entrepreneur, with dual doctorates in Epidemiology and in Nutrition from Harvard. He is passionate about merging big data, health technology, and digital social networks for public health.

A survivor of a childhood tumor, he previously founded the 6 million member online Campaign for Cancer Prevention, featured in Newsweek and the New York Times, and led the first direct-to-science online crowd funding initiative, raising over $500,000 for medical research on Causes on Facebook. He has also led numerous global projects in public health.

A Soros Fellow, WEF Global Shaper, and Google Tech Talk speaker, he has won several prestigious awards for both his medical research and for public leadership. He has also been featured in 4 books, and received over 11,000 citations for his published works. He was also former whistle-blower for drug safety against pharmaceutical industry, and for health dangers of overweight/obesity and home-run hitters in Major League Baseball.

He attended The Johns Hopkins University, graduating with Honors in Public Health and Phi Beta Kappa at age 21. He then completed his dual doctorate in epidemiology and doctorate in nutrition at age 23 from Harvard University. At Harvard for over a decade, he has taught more than a dozen courses, for which he received the Derek Bok Distinction in Teaching Award from Harvard College. (Full biography available here).

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Dr. Andrea Feigl-Ding

Dr. Andrea Feigl-Ding, PhD MPH
President, Co-Founder

Andrea is both a mother and expert in women's and global health, with a doctorate in Global Population and Reproductive Health from Harvard University. She provides key strategic leadership and scientific expertise for Happy Vitals and for the Happy Children's Health Study.

She is also a visiting scientist at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, Department of Global Health and Population, and Senior Health Economist at Microclinic International. She was a Harvard Graduate Leadership Initiative Fellow, President of the Harvard Club of Austria, and an internationally certified teacher in Cecchetti classical ballet from the Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance.

A native of Austria, she completed her PhD at Harvard, MPH and BSc in biochemistry (First Class Honors) from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and IB from Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway. Prior to Norway, she was a former international model for Elite Model Management. (Full biography available here).

Andrea and Eric are the parents of a healthy 2 year old son.

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Pius Lee

Pius Lee
COO & Co-Founder

Pius brings more than 18 years of experience in information technology, e-business development, and operations to Happy Vitals. He is passionate about creating experiences that inform and inspire individuals to make positive changes to their lives that improve their health. He oversees daily operations and leads Happy Vitals' talented software development team to provide engaging experiences for customers.

Prior to co-founding Happy Vitals, as an entrepreneur, he was the CEO and founder of ImageFlux, an international web agency, as well as a co-founder and operational director of many online businesses. His prior experience includes software development project manager, and e-business development consultant for corporate and individual clients. He also worked as a senior business analyst and information architect at K12 and PBS.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University), and an Executive MBA from Seoul National University.

Pius is a father of two children, ages 5 and 7.